New years eve at the octagon of doom.


Good Morning

I would say its good to be home, but yesterday morning was pretty nice.


Dark Horse

The Dark Horse CX.  Twin Six version of cyclocross bikes.  This thing is pretty sweet and if you wanted to get yourself one for Christmas hopefully you took adavantage of the 30% off sale.


Missoula Pic

Picture on Singletrack.com from Missoula ProXct this year.  Must have beforer I flatted and rode down the mountain on the rim.  That reminds me... anyone want to buy a destroyed Stans Podium MMX rear wheel??  Missoula sure was a nice place.


Ouachita and the spring

It filled up in 20 minutes this year.  That is pretty crazy fast.  Im suprised it didnt crash some servers or something.  Im happily in and ready to give it another shot, 3rd time is the charm.  I texted a few fellas as reminders and woke some people up bright and early, you are welcome.  Now I just gotta figure out which tires I want to use so that I dont spend the day fixing flats again.

Early season plans....Looks like a lot of mileage...

Mellow Johnnys Classic
Spa City Extreme??
Ouachita Challenge
BoneBender or Sea Otter
Whiskey 50
Syllamos Revenge

Dont forget to register for the Dakota Five-0 before it fills up and during the first few miles of the Ouachita Challenge, that could be tricky.


Bicycle Boogie

I havent posted anything from Rad in awhile and ive been home sick to watch it so I figured I should spread the joy.


Road Racing

For lots of reasons I dont race on the road.  Part of the reason is there are only so many weekends in the year and I probably can think of something more fun to do.  I have done one road race in the past 5 years and as you can see, I quickly get bored and just pedal as fast as I can.  Unfortunately im not Fabian Cancellara so I eventually get caught.  Most mountain bikers dont make very good road racers.  This occured to me when Floyd was talking about Lance in the latest interview.  He said that Lance is always racing against and takes satisfaction in beating the other guys.  I think most mountain bikers are just looking to go as hard as they can for as long as they can, and whatever place that brings is what they deserved.  With this philosophy, I am a terrible tactic rider.  Just like I dont see the point in doing a training ride by sitting in a big group for hours, getting pulled along at 25mph.  I dont like sitting in the group in a race for a few hours only to sprint at the finish.  If that is how all races went, I would just assume we skip to the sprint and everyone could be home by lunch.

I threw around the idea of doing a cross race this weekend, but its supposed to be warm and the trails might need my attention instead.


We recently made the mountain lion exhibit at the zoo taller and put a top on it because the zookeeper said they like to climb and can jump 15 ft.  Today this guy was checking out our work.


This is gonna be epic.  Go cats !!

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Ive been reading a lot about the new cyclocross rankings and some problems they seem to be having with them.  I dont have a single cyclocross point yet so I thought I would look up my mtb rankings.  Its a pretty neat deal how they show you how you rank in a bunch of different areas... state, zip, age, 5 year range, overall, etc...

I dont know how it all works, but I seem to stack up pretty well against my age group in the country.  JHK is my age, so its gonna be tough to take the top spot but...Id actually say the XC rankings seem to be pretty accurate, if all 399 pros lined up and raced I would be pretty happy with 49th.

Super D

1st- age group.... jeremy Horgan Kobelski better start training!!
30th- overall

Short Track

3rd- Age Group
49th- overall


3rd- Age Group
49th- Overall

I did check the UCI rankings and my 6 UCI points have expired and I didnt get any in 2011 so its gonna make the PROXCT races that much harder starting from the back instead of the 3rd row if I decide to do any.  Oh well, when I got those points I was starting at the back.