Local Racing

As I was eating some corndogs for lunch I decided it was crazy to skip the local mountain bike race at the Lawrence River Trails even if I had felt a little sick all week. So I hurried around and rode down to the race. They had nice turnout for the event. The duathlon was just finishing up as I arrived and the mtb only riders were warming up. The race was only two laps, which I knew would only be about an hour of riding. I got a little lead heading into the trail and was able to get out of site fairly quickly and sort of time trial for the next hour for the win. After the race I rode a few more laps to get the days total up to a little over 3 hours and then headed home just in time as it started pouring about the time I rode into the neighborhood.


Sea otter Report

Flew out to Monterrey for the Sea Otter Classic last week with Matt Severson. It was quite an event and some good racing experience. Results were okay with a 55th out of well over a hundred in the Short Track. It was my first pro short track and the pace was very, very quick. Started in the seventies and had a decent start. I got pulled after about 10 minutes when Todd Wells and Burry Stander were closing in on the group I was riding with. I dont think we would have gotten lapped on that lap, but it was inevitable.
On Sunday was the big race. 175 or so Pro men took the line for the XC. The race was actually shortened to about 28 miles because of the extreme heat. A good portion of the field DNF'd as there was a lot of overheating. I battled with it myself as I yo-yo'd through the field. I figure i was up as far as the forties before finally fading to 62nd. The world Champion Christoph Sauser won.

The race is really huge. There is always something going on. Road races, jump parks, a huge expo, mtb racing. Monterrey was also pretty cool. Matt and I did a little exploring and headed down to the Cannery area for our pre-race meal.
gotta to to the airport, Katie lands tonight after two weeks in the Far East.




Those guys are really fast. Lasted quite a few laps before getting pulled. Was probably around 50 out of 100. Started in about 75th. Have same call up tomorrow but over 150 racers in xc.


We are here. This thing is huge. Its hot. I race in 4 hours and want to get in a bit of pre riding too. Gotta find some lunch first.


145 Racers.

While Katie is deciding between "local" pigeon or ox tongue for her chinese dinner, Ill be lining up with 145 other pro men for the Sea Otter. Should be quite an adventure for sure. First though, Ill waste some energy on Saturday with 75 others in the Short Track. I would anticipate being half a lap down without even moving.

Today I saw a "bum" out riding on a bike. Not that unusual until I saw he was on a new Cannondale Scalpel Team issue. Im not saying that a homeless looking guy doesnt need a $7500 full suspension, carbon fiber race bike for commuting, because we all do. It just seems a little bit fishy. He did have a nice rack over the rear tire to carry his bag.

Oh, and I think I may have broken a toe.


2 Weeks.

For the next two weeks im on my own. If anyone needs Kate, she is somewhere in China close to Hong Kong. If anyone needs me I'll probably be out on a bike ride. Two weeks is a long time, thats a lot of peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.


Giant 29er

Giant has a 29er coming out as well for 2010. Going to be a lot of cool new stuff, hopefully at Sea Otter to check out.


Monday Morning.

Not much new...Did a bunch of riding this weekend, half of it on the trainer while it was freezing and raining outside. Excited to see how the Ouachita Challenge went for all the local guys. Tonights goal is to put the broken bike back together and make sure it still works. It looks like the Carbon 29er that Specialized has been testing is going to be officially unveiled at Sea Otter.