Road Racing

For lots of reasons I dont race on the road.  Part of the reason is there are only so many weekends in the year and I probably can think of something more fun to do.  I have done one road race in the past 5 years and as you can see, I quickly get bored and just pedal as fast as I can.  Unfortunately im not Fabian Cancellara so I eventually get caught.  Most mountain bikers dont make very good road racers.  This occured to me when Floyd was talking about Lance in the latest interview.  He said that Lance is always racing against and takes satisfaction in beating the other guys.  I think most mountain bikers are just looking to go as hard as they can for as long as they can, and whatever place that brings is what they deserved.  With this philosophy, I am a terrible tactic rider.  Just like I dont see the point in doing a training ride by sitting in a big group for hours, getting pulled along at 25mph.  I dont like sitting in the group in a race for a few hours only to sprint at the finish.  If that is how all races went, I would just assume we skip to the sprint and everyone could be home by lunch.

I threw around the idea of doing a cross race this weekend, but its supposed to be warm and the trails might need my attention instead.

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