Ouachita and the spring

It filled up in 20 minutes this year.  That is pretty crazy fast.  Im suprised it didnt crash some servers or something.  Im happily in and ready to give it another shot, 3rd time is the charm.  I texted a few fellas as reminders and woke some people up bright and early, you are welcome.  Now I just gotta figure out which tires I want to use so that I dont spend the day fixing flats again.

Early season plans....Looks like a lot of mileage...

Mellow Johnnys Classic
Spa City Extreme??
Ouachita Challenge
BoneBender or Sea Otter
Whiskey 50
Syllamos Revenge

Dont forget to register for the Dakota Five-0 before it fills up and during the first few miles of the Ouachita Challenge, that could be tricky.


  1. Is there a reason I didn't get a reminder?

  2. If I could find your phone number I would have...