Ruts & Guts

Overall podium.  Not one bit of cycling clothing or gear.  Passes the podium test.  Especially in Oklahoma.

Overall Omnium for the Ruts & Guts Weekend.  Three days of racing was very hard.  This picture is stolen from Tilford, and as he noted, I like the fact not one person is wearing any lycra.  3rd, 8th, 2nd netted me a 3rd overal for the weekend. 


Cross out cancer

2012CXCrsOutCan 578 Windy, slow day at Shawnee mission park today. Travis pulled our group around for most of the day. I tried to get away a couple times but couldn't. We came into the final barriers together and trav endo'd over the second one, allowing me to pick up my first win.


Video of the 360 Cup this weekend in Lawrence. I only raced on sunday due to the Wildcats v. Jayhawks on Saturday. I started on the front row for the first time ever and it led to me having the lead. Joe Schmalz eventually came by, as expected. Now I just need to figure out how to stay with him for longer. When he finally gets away from me, it means I ride by myself for most of the race. I seemed to be holding my gap on the rest of the field until Andrew Coe made his way through the group and was closing quick. He caught me and soon was up ahead and out of sight. With one to go Josh Johnson rode across the gap and finished a few seconds ahead of me. 4th.



Photo: CX is in the air... www.twinsix.com

Ive been meaning to update now that the cyclocross season has arrived.  TwinSix has also rolled out 2013.  I would have liked to make it to Minn for Metal Cross, but as you see below, enough travel for one week.

One week of cyclocross and I bit off a little more than I could chew...

USGP Madison is done.  The GateWay Cross Cup is done.  Boss Cross #1 is done.  And I got tired so Boss Cross #2 didnt get done.  25 Hours in the car with Travis Donn for 4ish hours of racing.  After a few days of recovery things are starting to get better.  Just in time for KSU V. KU this saturday, then more CX on Sunday.

Full updates on all that stuff is in the works.  As well as a review of my new Trek Cronus.  HighGear was kind enough to help me out with that hot rod.