Smith Sunglasses.

Im pumped to add Smith Optics as a supporter for 2010. Can't wait to get my new Smith PivLocks. After three years the old Smiths are due for an upgrade.


pasta factory

Cyclists dream. In house pasta factory is up and running.



In 1991 I traded in a bucket load of ABA BMX Saver Stamps for my first mountain bike from Jerrys bike shop in Topeka. It was a Ruby Red Fuji Discovery. I cant remember how many front forks I went through on that bike trying to clear doubles at the BMX track. I can remember riding home with the front wheel out like a chopper. I fixed it up with bright yellow tires and grips at one point to make it a little more flashy. Actually dont remember riding it on trails all that much, mainly liked the easy gears because it made it really easy to wheelie.


Grocery Getter

To paraphrase world champion Christoph Sauser, "It (29er) makes a great grocery getter for my mom." I like to think of it sort of like the donut a baseball player puts on his bat when he's on deck to make the bat feel really light when he takes it off. I made it into a singlespeed on saturday, 42x16. I did this by not shifting for 3 hours of riding. Practice for running a 1x9.

Cam and the crew are out tearing up Blue River as I type this. I wanted to joing them, but 7am on this Sunday was too early. I had a goal of relaxing and staying in Lawrence all weekend, which seems like is going to be accomplished.


New Tires

2010 Tire of choice will be from Maxxis. It was a tough decision but in the end the chance to run a 285 gram tire is to good to pass up. Running those will save me 1.5 lbs on tires alone. Match those up with the new 1x9 setup and my bike just got 2.25 lbs lighter... 17.75 lbs should make for some easy climbing. Thank you Maxxis.


Getting started

Its been quite awhile since the last post... We have been busy. Ive been spending a lot of time riding in the dark. Made it until sometime last week without getting out the trainer. Im to lazy to get all my lights charged up and mounted at the same time so I have been riding with just the handlebar light. It makes things more fun as you cant see around the corner until you turn. Gets a little creepy out there though. The Light & Motion Seca 900 is a pretty sweet light. It lasted a full two weeks of night riding in the low setting, which is brighter than most lights high setting. Its basically a car headlight in the high setting, but the battery pays the price.

Frank has the Cats cruising. Made two trips up to Manhattan last week to see two home games. Ranked 17th in the country is pretty amazing. Bramlage has been pretty loud, though one of the games there was a blizzard which kept the crowds down a bit.

Trying to get the 2010 schedule together but it has been tricky with the seperation of the ProXCT and the USCUP. I know its starting with Ouachita, which I have never done. There are like 50 guys on the waiting list already for that race, glad I got up at 2:30 in the morning to register.