Ive been reading a lot about the new cyclocross rankings and some problems they seem to be having with them.  I dont have a single cyclocross point yet so I thought I would look up my mtb rankings.  Its a pretty neat deal how they show you how you rank in a bunch of different areas... state, zip, age, 5 year range, overall, etc...

I dont know how it all works, but I seem to stack up pretty well against my age group in the country.  JHK is my age, so its gonna be tough to take the top spot but...Id actually say the XC rankings seem to be pretty accurate, if all 399 pros lined up and raced I would be pretty happy with 49th.

Super D

1st- age group.... jeremy Horgan Kobelski better start training!!
30th- overall

Short Track

3rd- Age Group
49th- overall


3rd- Age Group
49th- Overall

I did check the UCI rankings and my 6 UCI points have expired and I didnt get any in 2011 so its gonna make the PROXCT races that much harder starting from the back instead of the 3rd row if I decide to do any.  Oh well, when I got those points I was starting at the back.

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