New Years...

For my big 30th birthday Katie surprised me with a train ride from KC to Chicago to see the Ayres family and celebrate the New Years. Riding the train was a great adventure. Much more fun than flying, and more relaxing too.

They gave us the grand Chi-town tour and we even got to take in a Bulls game...

Those were some of the highlights of 2008's travels. Now its 2009. Where to this year???


More Travels...

A real vacation was in order, so we packed our bags for a Thanksgiving in Hawaii. That place was paradise. We couldn't have asked for a better vacation.

The USA National Cyclocross Championships were the weekend we returned from the beach.
16th place and it wasn't too cold.


Dirt Coalition

GT is putting together a grassroots team for 2009. The "Dirt Coalition". Check it out.

Year end review...

After braving New York City on my own, I made it to upstate New York for the NMBS at Windham Mtn. After a nice weekend of racing, I ended up with my first top ten.

On my way to my first national semi-pro podium in Brian Head Utah.

All smiles afterwards with my number one supporter.

Kate and I flew out to Vegas, to meet up with this guy again and we all car pooled to Brian Head, Utah for the NMBS finals. We both ended up with a podium and had a great time hanging out in the high altitude.

Next Kate and I drove up to northern Wisconsin to the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival for some racing and a birthday celebration...


The racing season began...

The 2008 racing action kicked off with the NOVA National Stage race in Fountain Hills, AZ. Mr. Severson drove in from San Diego and picked me up at the airport. Almost cracked the top 10 for the overall stage race.

The next big race was the Santa Ynez Classic in Santa Barbara, CA. I picked up Matt this time after he rode the train up. He again had a successful weekend. I had a flat and a big crash. Im smiling to cover up the pain.

Next Katie and I went to Deer Valley, Ut for the NMBS race there. A great place and had some good racing. An 11th place.

In the meantime...there was plenty of local racing with the likes of this guy. Here I believe Cameron is psyching me out with his matching kit.


2009 has started...

To start of 2009, I think a review of 2008 is in order. So over the next few days I will be putting together a timeline of the travels of the year.

Things started off great with a trip to San Diego so see Kate's aunt Mar and Uncle Jim. They gave us the grand tour and I even got to captain the boat for harbor cruise.

Then it was off to Vail for a 3 day weekend. Our favorite place in the world.