Flat Tires

Two weekends in a row ive had a flat tire. Yesterday I headed out on the cross bike with the thinking I wouldnt get a flat from the dirty roads by riding knobby tires. The problem was that I had to adjust my seat before going out riding, and in the process took off my seat bag and set it on the the bumper of my truck. I got the seat adjusted and headed out. About an hour and a half from home I felt the rear tire going flat, no problem, ive got a spare. I didnt though, it was still sitting on the bumper in our garage. So I have to call in my support vehicle (katie). Luckily she had the Garmin, so I didnt have to try and give her directions to Linwood, KS. Now though, im all set with spare tubes for all the bikes so I should be able to get home without any assistance.

Im on my own today no matter what as Katie is in KC doing the Childrens TLC Groundhog Run. Its probably the coolest 5k ive ever seen. It all takes place inside in the Hunt Subtropolis which is a huge network of caves that are used as wharehouses. It is like and underground city, with train tracks and roads big enough for semis to come in.

Cats had a tough loss last night. Overtime to the Jayhawks. Should have/could have won. Its pretty exciting that KSU can now compete with Kansas after too many years of not being close.


Road Riding

Been spending some time on the road on the mountain bike lately. Got a little to far from home tonight and ended up riding home in the dark with no lights. After being sick and not riding for an entire week, ive managed to put together good rides for 17 out of the last 18 days. After 14 straight days and a big weekend, I finally needed a day off even though I hated to break the streak. Oh well, started a new one. New Trek Elite is officially 19.02 lbs, but the lightweight seat has to go.


SoCal Racing

While we are here riding in fog, rain, and cold, my buddy Matt has been racing for a few weeks in sunny San Diego and taking video while he does it. Watching racing footage like this makes you want to go on a trip to somewhere warm. Oh well, its warm riding the trainer.



New frame came today. made in Wisconsin. it looks awesome. Just need to get it built.


We made the quick trip to Emporia to see the architect of the new HighGear/Trek Regional Team, Matt Brown, over the weekend. We got a tour of the new shop they hope to be in by March. It looks like its going to be a pretty amazing bike shop. Just a few doors down from their current location in Downtown Emporia but about twice the size. Its going to be pretty cool on the inside, using a lot of the old buildings original finishes such as the original ceiling, brick walls, and floor. The highlight might be an office/lounge area with showers for after bike ride relaxing. Its an easy drive from the KC area and with two races in Emporia this year everyone should stop by and see Matt. Speaking of that, I see the DK200 filled up fast. People are crazy.


2010 Race List

2010 MTB Racing Schedule. Its still going to need a little tweaking to cut down on some of the driving and travel.

3/7 12 Miles of Hell???
3/28 Ouachita Challenge, AR
4/17 Sea Otter, CA
5/1 Lake Wilson XC, GB KS
5/8 St. Joe XC, MO
5/16 Rhetts Run, MO
5/29 ProXCT Mellow Johnny, TX
6/5 ProXCT BumpNGrind, AL
6/20 Cramp Alexander, Emporia
6/26 ProXCT Suburu Cup, WI
7/4 USA Marathon Nat. Champ., CO
7/10 ProXCT Col. Springs, CO
7/17 USA Nat. Championship, CO
8/14 RIM, MO
9/5 Dakota FiveO, SD
9/18 KC Cup
10/24 Berryman Epic, MO
11/6 Iceman Cometh, MI

There are few more races such as Leadville 100 and Chequamegon which are on the bucket list, but Ive gotta get into them first. Both of these definitely leave something to be desired as far as quality of trails go so Im leaning towards going to Spearfish S.D. for the Dakota Five0 instead.


Hardest Race of 2009

Found this video the other day of the craziest race ive ever done. 24 hours of Moab. These solo guys are crazy. I remember passing Kelly Magelky in the middle of the night and thinking there was no was going to make it until morning. Immediately after my last lap I felt great, and was ready to sign up for another one. Within an hour I couldnt stay awake and fell asleep on the floor of the Grand Junction Airport. I felt completely sick and exhausted. I dont think i rode my bike for a week after doing this. And I only had to do a lap every few hours. I know an insane guy who did something like 7 of these solo in one year. Pretty much every other weekend all summer.


New Hot Rods.

2010 is here!!! Blog is updated for the new team!! New hot rods are on the way!! Now I just need to figure out how not to be sick so I can ride them. More to come on 2010 plans when I feel up to it.
If you are sick and think you feel better, dont go out for 4 hours in 15 degree weather. Its not worth it.