fueled up

Its almost ready to ride but I'm tired.



We went to Manhattan on Saturday for the KSU game and to celebrate Valentine's day. For our 10th Valentines day together we went back to the place of our first date, Ramblers. It was 10 years and one week since our one, and only time inside. The food was actually very good, so we might not wait another ten years to go back.

Note: I didnt just pick to take Kate to Ramblers for our first date, it was a Beta Date party.

Another note: UPS needs to step on it so I can be riding a Top Fuel by the weekend.


No Leadville

I was a little relieved about this actually.

Dear Leadville Trail 100 Family,

We deeply regret that we were unable to accept your application intothe 2010 Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race. We really wish wecould accommodate every interested rider, but we simply can’t. Ourgoal and primary obligation is to offer every racer the nation’shighest quality athletic experience with the utmost degree of safety,medical care and racer support. The ever increasing numbers ofreturning racers and new applicants are testimony we are meeting ourgoal. We do not keep a waiting list and cannot yet accept entries for2011....We are sincerely grateful for your enthusiasm and dedication to the“Race Across the Sky”.

In appreciation,

Ken ChlouberPresident, Leadville Trail 100


Bike outfit

New bike riding outfits should be here shortly. Now if that Top Fuel was here....
In other bike riding news, I heard from the source that the Swope trails are going to be hosting a Thursday evening mtb series. Not a short track series, but a real xc racing series on some new trails that promise to be rideable no matter the weather.

eBay Seller: mtbfattire: Sporting Goods items on eBay.com

eBay Seller: mtbfattire: Sporting Goods items on eBay.com

Get a new Giant here.



Luckily my wife permits my workshop to move inside during the winter months. Its really ideal because I can work on bikes while watching TV. I'm registering on www.teammata.com to win Pua's RV and then planning on driving around for the rest of the year in it.



Getting tired of the cold. if the trails aren't muddy, they are covered in snow. This was last night at the rivertrails, don't waste your time by going down there.

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