Rode my bike over for the ksu v. Ku game. Awesome night. You can really beat traffic when pedaling home. Now we are in TX for a wedding before a few days at home and a trip to cali. Whew.


24hr Nats

are in progress right now. ive been watching online every now and again. wish i was there now that it has started. im sure ill be happy to be sleeping in my own bed though tonight.

cam is leading so far, though its really early.



After MTB

I love courses that dont require me to get off the bike. Riverside park Cx is one of my favorites.

Tour De BBQ after party with Katie.

Pre Tour de BBQ with Andrew and the Darnalls.

Since the mountain bike season has ended it has been a busy offseason. KSU football is keeping us busy and the I decided to go cross racing. First up was Manions Cross in Wyandotte. I went there with an old bike that didnt really shift, low motivation, and having not really trained in quite awhile. The course was hard and I ended up 7th and way off the pace. So a week of some real cyclocross training which included picking up my fancy new bike at High Gear and a 50 miles of gravel with the Emporia crew had me ready to try again.

First up though was the Tour De BBQ in KC. I had plans on doing the charity ride and then heading to Boss Cross #1 but it didnt work out. So we had a great time eating bbq and pedaling our bikes through KC.

On Sunday I got up and thought I would not race, and would go to the 100 mi gravel ride that was taking off up the street. Well, we overslept and couldnt make it so cross racing it was. I found my spot on the second row of starters and the gun went off. I qucikly found my way onto Josh Johnsons wheel in about 5th or 6th and was happy to just sit on as long as possible. Then we entered the sand pit and the KCCX crew was all over the place taking everyone out and I found myself instantly in 2nd. I had no business leading the chase of Jeff Winkler who had a pretty nice gap, but I went ahead and pushed on. I led the group for a solid lap until I decided it wasnt smart because I actually wanted to finish the race. I began fading backwards. At one point I was half waiting for Tom Price to catch up thinking I would just sit on his wheels as long as possible and have a good finish, but as soon as he caught me I slammed down on my seat and the nose of the saddl took a dive. I jumped on the back and it then pointed straight up. Back and forth the rest of the race and I got passed by one other feller. 8th place I think. Much better legs though. One more chance next weekend and then im taking a few weeks off for some R&R and a few weddings.