Drove south for warmer weather. White rock lake is a cool place to ride in the big city. Its got a jogging path, a quiet road around the lake, and tons of people exercising. You can even see the skyline from the lake. Time for burritos.



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Lake Clinton

Shad and I hit up the trails at Clinton yesterday. We did some northshore stuff to spice up the ride, here Shad is about to do a backflip off the halfpipe. If I had video I would prove it. Pretty good day for some riding, and only one flat tire. Then Kate and I headed to the Verizon store for some fancy new phones while they were buy one get on free. Just have to learn how to use it now.



This year im hoping my main tire will be the Hutchinson Python. I ran these tires as the tubeless version a few years ago and really like them, except the fact they wore out quickly. This is the tubeless ready version, they were the easiest tire I have ever mounted up tubeless. Im also planning on running the Stans Ravens on some of the faster, rockless courses.

Last year was quite an experiment in tires....Which I found to be the main drawback on the big wheels.

I started out the year with Maxxis Crossmarks, converted to tubeless. I flatted 3 times in Oklahoma at the 12 miles of hell and cut one sidewall. I figured I would give them another shot being that Letra is an extremely rocky course. Another cut sidewall in Santa Barbara and those tires were done.
I switched to Stans Crows for awhile. They are great, really light and fast, but also really sketchy. They have no control at all and cant go in the mud one bit.
Next up was the Kenda Small Block. I liked these tires for hardpack courses. Again, they were useless in any wet conditions as they just picked up tons of mud. I did cut one sidewall on these, but it was rider error. They are light and fast on the right course.
Eventually I switched back to the tire that I have been riding the past few years, the Kenda Karma. Its light and rolls fast. It is great for the guy who doesnt want to be changing tires all the time. It works for all courses and in the mud. I think I flatted one of these, but that tends to happen as they dont have a ton of tread.
In addition to the Python, which is a good all around tire. Im planning on the Raven for some fast, non technical courses. They are a cross between the Crow and Karma. They have the Crows main tread, which should be really fast. But they have the Karma tread on the edges, which should make them much more controllable.
So this year, Im hoping that two tires can get me through... but I doubt it.


4+4=not enough...

I rode for 8 hours this weekend. Did some intervals, but mainly just out riding gravel roads on the cross bike. Seems like quite a bit of riding until you see something like Todd Wells and his 27 hours for the week!!! Also, seems Matthew and Sara have planned extremely well and scheduled their wedding in LA the weekend of the KSU v. UCLA game. Sweet.



Saturdays ride started out heading towards lake Clinton...

Then I headed towards Topeka and cruised by Lake Jivaro...

A little further west and I went around Lake Shawnee...

Met up with a group ride leaving Topeka headed for Lake Perry. After Lake Perry it was time to get home. 5 hours later I was back in the driveway.


Fridays random stuff.

This is my new jersey from Twin Six... It should be a perfect weekend to try it out. Spring Like.

Next Friday Katie and I are making a big night in the big city to see Joel Mchale from "The Soup". I understand its sold out so it should a wing dinger of an evening. Bill Snyder has it all under control in Wildcat land, a bad recruiting class is just part of his master plan. Our neighborhood is selling off some land to the city so it can build a park and then we will have a rails to trail running right beside the neighborhood. Sounds good to me, I like riding on trails.



My 2009 License. Upgrade approved. Oh boy.


Broken Bike

Sundays ride.... Had a few problems with the bike like I said, here you can

see the damage, broken derailleur hanger, broken chain, flat front tire.... Needs some work before next weekend being as the 29er is in pieces as well.



This one is pretty old. It pre dates ABA BMX in topeka at Heartland Park. It was Crestview BMX in those days with no affiliations. Note the paper plate number plate, and those are official Julie brand "leathers"


Bike falling apart

Rode yesterday for 3.5 hours, however you have to factor in fixing one flat, one broken chain, and walking back to car with a broken derailleur hanger. Bike is falling apart underneath me.