Sun Valley

Ive been obviously lazy on the posting.  So here are some pics from Nationals in Sun Valley.  More pics can be seen here. 

 The rock garden, JP and G-wiz are probably in the background as they were doing some solid heckling from about that spot.

 Super-D action on the infamous Rock Waterfall.

 Finishing up the Super-D in the casual Twin Six type of kit.  I need bigger tires, more suspension, and ill be back for some more Super-D's.

 Short Track racing.  For the first time ever I actually didnt want to get pulled from the Short-Track.  Not the pic I wanted to post, but its too late and to much work to change it.

 Me and my number one supporter.

A few of the more famous fans that took in the XC.  Pretty cool to see them out to watch.

If I havent already said, it was a fun weekend.  The problem is really that those guys are frickin fast and there was a humongous climb that I didnt have a small enough gear to get to the top of without coming to a crawl.  Not that Travis Donn's splits to Todd Wells werent helpful as I was cresting the top.  Super D racing is awesome, but pretty tough without the right equipment.  How many bikes can you take to a race.  Thanks to Frontier for picking up the bike fees tough, those guys are alright.

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