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I got up early to watch the World MTB championships this morning.  But it was the womens race, so I went for a ride for a few hours, got home, and the men had just started their first lap.  It was a good way to waste a couple of hours on the computer. 

After watching that race I started checking out all the bike companies websites.  The new 2012 stuff is all coming out.  The main thing I notice, is that everything is too expensive.  Specialized has a $10,500 retail on their Epic 29, the frame only for a nice 5,000.  Jamis has a new Carbon 29 full suspension, how about $3100 for that frame and its really nothing special.  GT has a new Carbon 29 dually, $5500, and its on XT and weighs a hefty 27 lbs.  The new Treks are out as well, $7000 for a XX equipted Superfly 100, which seems cheap compared to essentially the same bike in a Specialized.  I could go on and on as every company is scurrying to come out with a carbon 29er full sus.  A few companies still sport aluminum versions of these bikes, how about $1650 for a Giant or Kona frame that weighs only a pound more than the high zoot carbon bikes.  To keep that in perspective, a full bottle of water weighs 500 grams, which is more than a pound.  So only carry one bottle and youve got it made.

So the real question is, can I ride as fast as someone on a $10,500 bike if I built up a complete bike that would cost much less than that bikes frameset alone?  Might be a good challenge.  But then again, its always fun to have the fancy carbon hot rods.


  1. Pic of the jamis dc, fs here.


  2. Don't fall into that trap of thinking that results only come from spending more money. I won plenty of races on pretty heavy bikes with super cheap components.

  3. Mark, thats exactly the line I was thinking along. Fast guys are fast, no matter what bike.

  4. Here's a thought... Before a bike, how about tires!

    Just race a Huffy. Since bikes don't matter.