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So, what happened was that my chain broke.  That makes two chains on two bikes in as many weeks.  The "trusty" 3D was starting to show some age.  Or starting to show some signs of neglect really.  Im just pedaling along, on a nice flat section of trail when the chain snaps.  I do the usual fix, of make it a single speed.   The bike doesnt like this very much, the chain tightens up and shears the bolts off the small chainring.  I walked home.  The week before this problem, the front fork shoots craps so i was already pedaling around on a rigid bike.  I got to thinking that the problem is that the bike is 5 years old and has had all the good parts robbed off it and the rest have been seriously neglected.  The XTR cranks are swapped for cheapies from ebay, the Easton post is on the cross bike, the Selle Italia saddle is on the other cross bike, the pedals are mismatched and junk, fork is laying against the wall in the garage, tires are 3 years old and cracking, its a custom bike, and the correct stem is on my 26 hardtail, etc...  So I decided to fix it.

Pics are upcoming, but it now rolls around as a sweet 19lb geared aluminum 29er with full on XX,  trued wheels, new tires, 4ti eggbeaters, and then only problem is that after tearing apart the fork I learned that it is shot.  I dont know if Aluminum bikes can still be ridden offroad quickly but I think it might be the Chequamegon bike.

In case I forgot this race. Its not until October, but probably should be added to the calender so that your legs dont forget what mtb racing is about before the btepic.

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