Cross season is here i guess.  My bike is still hanging from the ceiling with last years road salt on it and is lacking a few parts.  Luckily for me, i guess, is that im still bleeding everywhere from the Cheq crash and my arm is pretty swollen still, which is getting a little worrysome, so I wont be needing it too soon.  I was looking at the cross pics from Herman and it seems like everyone has fancy new bikes and sweet deep dish wheels.  Makes me kind of excited to get out there with my gravel grinding cross bike and give it a whirl.

Here is a pic from the Seely Firetower Climb of Chequamegon.  Twin Six was out in force at the race and it was great to support them at a "localish" for them event.  Ripped my new bibs though. grrr.  By the top of this climb three of us were away from a huge group and I had some high hopes of a solid finish.

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