If you want to know how my Chequamegon went, go try this.  Find some squirrely doufus and after 35 miles of highspeed racing follow him down a rocky descent at 30 mph.  Then watch him lose control and the next thing you know, you are laying on the ground in pain with a lot of problems.  Really twisted bars, snapped off front brake lever, rip off your ratchet thing from your shoe, and not to mention lots of blood emitting from your elbow with solid road rash from ankle to shoulder.  After standing there for awhile gathering your wits you start soft pedaling with only one arm holding on.  Eventually you can hold on and soft pedal with two arms, finally you decide there is no way to the fnish line but to get going again.  Im still bleeding all over the house today....

Its a tough race.  We finished the "neutral" rollout and entered Rosies field I was in good position right next to Cam Kirkpatrick.  Then some guy crashes in front of me which I narrowly missed and lost all my focus.  By the end of the field I realized I had missed the front group and a really good result was gone because you cant ride across to that group.  So after 10 minutes of racing you feel like your race is sort of over.

For the next 30 miles I would sit in the top 4 of a group of 20 guys but we couldnt get away from the group until the big Seely climb.  Then there were 3 and we were really hauling towards the finish, picking up guys who had blown up from the front group.  Then we catch the doufous and he gets sideways directly in front of me and the next thing I know I am bleeding.  Looking at the results, the guys I was with got 20th so I lost 28 spots while I was regrouping and bleeding.  I had a nice last few miles speeding in with Leah Davison who I can say I helped set the girls record by pulling her along the gravel sections leading to the finish.  She is fast and I took the not so honorable approach by outsprinting her and actually catching another guy right at the line.

I dont forsee doing any bike riding for awhile.  Everythinng on my right side hurts.  Cant wait for next year when Im not letting that front group get away without me in it. 

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