2012 ProXct

Im on my own for the week as Kate is in China for work.  Today I finally stopped bleeding and changed the sheets and was able to get all the blood out of them.  So I didnt ride all week which led to the idea of getting all the riding in on the weekend.  Worked out okay, about 8 hours of riding.  A few were in the dark at the Clinton trails which was a blast and pretty tricky.  My lockout is still not working on the Top Fuel which has reminded me how comfy that bike is on the rocks.  Why would anyone ride a hardtail for fun?

Im not planning on doing much of the PROXCT this upomming year and the new schedule has pretty much seen to it that anyone from a colder climate will have no chance.  Half the races take place in March...its pretty hard to go from the trainer all week to the race course on the weekend.  My buddy Matt lives in sunny San Diego and he likes to say that Californians peak in March since they start racing in January.  The only positive is that three of the rounds are within driving distance of here.

Its too early to be thinking about next year, but with a lot of the races having early registrations that fill up fast, or discounts for early sign up, you have to be on your toes.


  1. You best be coming out to the Springs!

  2. ehhh, you will probably be layed up with some broken bone anyways.