Went to the "K" last night to see the last place team in the division play the next to last place team....We were not disappointed, as it was a pretty slow game and when we finally left the Indians scored a bunch of runs. Not too many people out at the stadium at all. Had a some bbq that was pretty good, so that was a highlight. It was perfect weather too. Had an off week last week with little to no riding until the weekend. It was great, got a ton of stuff done including some much overdue yard work. Went to the Carnecuceria (mexican meat market) on sunday and picked up some carne asada, porko somethingo, chorizo, and a bunch of tortillas. We will be eating authentic homemade mexican all week. yummmm.


  1. ha. good point, ill head to the conversion van on the corner, pick up a few and put them in the mail for you.