Half way through the first lap and only a few bike lengths from Decker, Wicks, and Shultz. Still in front of Max Plaxton and Rotem Ishay. If only I could have stayed there for the whole race.

Heres some pics from Windham last weekend. We had a good trip but I had some bad luck in the XC. Katie was in NYC all week which made it convienient for me to come in Thursday night and we got up early so I could go into the city for my first time. Pretty cool place, we were only there for a few hours but was able to take in a bunch of the sights. In the XC I was in a good position at the bottom of the first lap when my rear tire went flat. Rode about 3/4 mile on the rim and then put some air in it. Rode another 50 ft and it was flat again. After some inspection I found a nail sticking in one side and out the other. Put in a tube, borrowed a pump in the tech zone, completed a slow change and eventually got going again. Rode as fast as I could as I knew I would likely get pulled next time through the start/finish. I caught a good 10-12 guys before the inevetiable happened. Ended up 54th or so.
Short track went much better with a 26th. Almost made it to the 3 laps to go sign. All but about 10 guys got pulled by the time it was over. We had to pack up the bike quickly, jump in the rental and drive back to NYC to catch our flight home. Windham is about close to Woodstock and the 40th anniv. stuff was going on up there. Those New Yorkers are a different breed.
Had a lot of mechanicals, crashes, injuries, and plain bad luck this year at the USCUPs. Broke a skewer, had a flat, and had a huge thorn in my hand. This seems to happen every other year, so next year should go much smoother.


  1. Dude, sweet pics! I plan on riding Windham this weekend and then being in the city sometime in the near future!

  2. Have fun...Im not sure how much trail is on
    Windham mtn, but the race course is really cool. Windham mtn. outfitters bike shop can probably point you in the right direction.