Watts, Watts, Watts

Everyone seems to be talking about watts lately... Todd Wells isn't sure if he had a good ride on the trails in Durango because his Powertap isnt uploading, even people who are against structured training like Adam Craig can't learn from his race at Windham because his SRM is out of commission, Adam Mills has a whole website devoted to watts where he posts information about people he trains.

When I went out to ride today I had decided that I'd do an interval at 1000 watts to see if I could do 28 seconds like Shad Smith does according to Mills. As I started the interval thinking that I'd be happy to get to 28 seconds and I'd quit at that point I thought about a conversation I had with Steve Tilford one day on a group ride from Lawrence to Topeka. Tilford was asking me about my Powertap and he was saying that he didnt like to use them. He especially didnt like the idea of racing with them because people get caught up in the numbers and dont listen to their bodies. He was basically saying that if he knew he could only sustain a certain wattage for a certain amount of time he would be tempted to back off when that time expired. If he rides without one he just goes as hard as he can as long as possible and could be doing much better than his training suggests he can. Basically he was worried that he would never have that awesome, record breaking day if he worried about the watts. So could I have done more than 28 seconds at 1k watts today?? Who knows. Ill blame the powertap for the couple of seconds I was short.

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