145 Racers.

While Katie is deciding between "local" pigeon or ox tongue for her chinese dinner, Ill be lining up with 145 other pro men for the Sea Otter. Should be quite an adventure for sure. First though, Ill waste some energy on Saturday with 75 others in the Short Track. I would anticipate being half a lap down without even moving.

Today I saw a "bum" out riding on a bike. Not that unusual until I saw he was on a new Cannondale Scalpel Team issue. Im not saying that a homeless looking guy doesnt need a $7500 full suspension, carbon fiber race bike for commuting, because we all do. It just seems a little bit fishy. He did have a nice rack over the rear tire to carry his bag.

Oh, and I think I may have broken a toe.


  1. For the record, I went with French Fries for dinner....Katie

  2. they dont have french fries at chinese restaurants, everybody knows that.