BCBR day 6

Up early in Squamish and ready to go again.  This is supposed to be one of the best days, and all the days are truely amazing riding.
My wrists hurts bad.  Decided the tape wasnt going to help.  Adreas Hestler is on the right.  He explained the day to me shortly after this pic was taken and I was pretty happy to get some insight on the course.  The main thing was a very long steady climb to start the day.

The rollout of town.  We got started on pavement for quite a little while.  For the first time in days, I got in a good warm up and it helped.  The neutral section felt neutral for once and I was riding at the front, right on Jason Sager of Jamis' wheel.  Then disaster.  A big crash on the pavemet.  I dont know what happened, but I know I was on the ground quickly.  Ive never been caught in one of these before, but it sucks.  Bikes are all twisted together, its a mess.  The front of the race was gone and we were left to chase.  I jumped onto the sidewalk to try and navigate the slower riders and was wasting a ton of energy working with the Rocky Mountain team of two.  We eventually caught a group of guys I usually was riding with which was frustrating because I could have been close to the front with an effort like that.  I decided to back off the pace and stick with this group as the Rocky Duo headed on up the trail.

After the initial crash and chase things went well all day.  I ended up riding with another american for the last part of the day and we finished together.  We would ride together again the next day, with wasnt much help to me, because he was right ahead of me on the overall.  This might have been the day I snuck into the top 10 in one of the Enduros.  I seem to do pretty well and finished 16th overall for all the timed downhills combined.  That includes every rider, singles, duos, women.

19th on the day and back up to 20th overall.

Squamish would be home for the next two nights and it was great.  When camp doesnt move, you have tons of time to relax.  I did some quality relaxing with the guys from Xprezo bikes.  Super nice guys and pretty cool bikes.  Hugo, the owner was on a sweet 650B bike that seemed like the perfect choice for BC.

Aaron Elwell of Twin Six takes flight on the lower section of the Half Nelson trail.

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