BC Bike Race Day 5

Day 5 of the BC Bike race took us from the town of Sechelt to the ferry terminal at Langdale.  I was hoping to get some time back.  The race took off really fast and I quickly realized I had put out quite an effort to get my 48th place the day before.  Its never good when you are eating your first Clif Bar after a half hour of racing.  This day had a ton of steep climbing and I was joined by my Belgian friend, Karel de Wael.  Karel was a small guy who rode a hardtail and climbed like a maniac.  Out of the saddle the whole time, I always just tried to hold his wheel.  I rode with him at some point most every day and rode with him the entire day today.  Did I mention that two years ago he was World Champion in the 30+ masters.  If I could hold his wheel, he would let me by at the top and we could cruise downhill fast as possible.
This is where Katie operated all week.  The finish line feed zone.  It was extremely well stocked.
After all the climbing of the day, the trail turned and headed downhill.  Downhill for a long time.  At one point we were going through a huge freeride area with giant jumps, ramps, and berms.  If I ever go back, a dropper seat post is a priority for going fast downhill through this stuff.

Anyways, Karel and I finished together at the ferry terminal and got on the early ferry to camp.  21st on the day, and up to 23rd overall.

Katie had to stay behind and take a later ferry, but the day was perfect and the views were amazing.

Aaron Ellwel of Twin Six, found a few smiles on the second day on the Sunshine Coast.

This picture is from Cyclingnews.com.  Has to be close to the finish after the huge descent.
Results are HERE.

More pics are HERE.

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