BCBR Day 0

Day Zero came early in the morning and I suited up for a little ride before turning over my bike.  The BCBR makes it really easy to travel, they take everything from one place to another for you.  All you have to do is go where you are told.  I headed outside and it was raining, pouring.  This would be a sign of things to come for the next few days.  I still rode around North Vancouver for a little over an hour and then back to the hotel for a fnal packing and bus ride up to the convention center.  From the convention center we all loaded up on busses (I was on Katie the bus marshall's bus) and we went to the ferry terminal.
The ferry was huge, more like a cruise ship.  It was pretty exciting and the scenery was amazing.
The Ferry took us to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.  You can see the whole route HERE.
From Nanaimo we boarded another bus and drove to Cumberland where we would camp for the first two nights.  All of these bus rides and ferry crossings were essentially sight seeing trips of BC.
This is out tent, home for the next seven days.

See more photos from the BCBR Day 0, HERE.

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