BC Bike Race Day -1

The BC Bike Race is a truly unique experience.  There is really no other event like it and I cant really do it justice on this blog, so Im just going to go day by day over the next few days and try and remember some of the major events of the week.  I have been to a lot of races in a lot of places, but ive never ridden the quality of trails, met as many interesting people from all over the world, and had as much fun as I did in my week in Canada.  I can honestly say that British Columbia has the best mountain biking of any place ive ever been.  Its a pretty amazing place and I know I missed a lot of the scenery as the trails are so techincal that you have to concentrate all day, every day.  There were racers from thirty some countries in attendance, and I had a chance to meet someone from a lot of them.  Breakfast with Australians, dinners with Slovenians, hours of riding with Beligians, recovering with Canadians....

Day -1 was an epic day of travel.  We drove to KCI, flew to Vancouver, got on a train at Vancouver International which took us into the city where we boarded this water bus to take us across the bay to North Vancouver.  
We finally made it to North Vancouver and found we had an amazing hotel right on the water.  I quickly unpacked my bike and headed out for a ride and found some great trails and almost got carried away riding too much.
After my ride we walked up to the convention center where the pre race meeting was happening.  Katie was volunteering for the week, so we both had to get registered and get all of our race supplied gear and information to get us through this adventure.  We ate outside at a Sushi place and then rode the bus back to our hotel to get packed and ready for Day 0.

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  1. After riding that single track up there, you'll never look at the River Trails the same way again.