Series of stuff

The last time I worried about a season series result was the Norba NMBS as an expert. Since then I havent worried much about an overall standing. This year there are too many series to try and focus on one. All of them have some great races, and none have enough to focus your whole season on. On a national level im likely to hit a race in the...ProXCT, ProUET, AMBC, and USCup Triple Crown. Likely Ill also get into the UFD East, UFD West, Psycowpath, TDD, and AMBCS. I wont be finding any NUE time or definitely any Leadville Race Series on my schedule (i was rejected yet again in the "lottery", some people sure are lucky to get in every year). For a second I thought about going to one of the qualifiers but they all seem to be basically gravel road races, which I dont find appealling.

I remember doing like 20 local races in the Midwest Fat Tire series years ago in an effort to win the series champ jersey and monogrammed sweatshirt. I dont know if I did a single race outside of that series that year, maybe a Heartland Series race.

Heartland Series, that was a great series. Only like 4 races so it was easy to do them all and they were all excellent mtb races. The last one was at Landahl and Davey Breslin took the suprise win over the most stacked local field ive seen. I think a group of 8 rode together for most of the laps with everyone putting in their own attack until some Mesa guy nobody knew snuck away. I sprinted with Cam Chambers for 2nd, Shad Smith, Tom Price, Studnicki, Ploch, Kent McNeil and the Nebraskans would have made up the top 10. That series always brought out the fastest guys. Hopefully the UFD will do that this year.

Speaking of the UFD and the Kansas Fat Tire Fest. Mark it on your Calender. Ive been getting texts from a group of Coloradans who are doing a fair amount of trash talking. Apparently the son of the guy who puts on that race is some hot shot ex kansan 24 hour racer who plans on taking the win, err, as he says, "im not planning on it, its just going to happen". We cant let those high altitude nerds steal our trophies.


  1. Thats the first race of the year for me... I ordered the roids, and they should be high flying through my veins via an ass shot in a few days. Cam Chambers... You will go down!!!

  2. I remember that race clearly. Crazy fast AND a pack race the whole way. That was the fastest I've probably ever been.