Bicycling Outfits

The Greaser Jersey.

Im all TwinSix this season once again and couldnt be more excited about it.  The only problem is that when you have the stylings of TwinSix in your closet you have to decide what you want to wear every ride.  Its much more difficult than having 4 sets of the same kit you are going to wear every race of the year.  As it stands ive got 14 different kits to wear for 2012 so I have some pretty huge decisions ahead of me for what jersey goes with what race.  To make matters worse, they keep coming out with new stylings which any self respecting racer has to go out and get.  Made in the USA, all of it.  From the fabric to the finished product.


  1. I'm running Coors Original ALL YEAR!!!

  2. Not just anyone can pull that off though. See you in AZ in April??