My favorite food group would be Chocolate Milk.  Its a miracle drink.  Close second would be waffles.   I like all kinds of waffles.  We have two waffle maker, standard and belgian.  Kate and I once dropped something like 10 Euro (about 20 bucks at the time, people do dumb things on vacations) on a waffle with nutella from some Italian street vendor so when Honey Stinger came out with the Stinger Waffles, I was on board.  Those things are just plain delicious.  What could possibly be better than a waffle in your pocket.

Im lucky enough that this year Honey Stinger agreed to keep Katie from having to get a second job to support my waffle consumption habit for which we are both grateful.  However, little do they know that they actually sponsored me last year as well.  Honey Stinger has a booth set up at loads of races, handing out free samples to all that walk by.  Some of us might walk back and forth dozens of times in a weekend. Some of might send our wives to the booth as well to get even more samples.  The Pro Cycling Challenge Breckenridge booth alone fed me all day.   Im getting hungry just typing about waffles.

This is my favorite spot for a waffle stop at Clinton Lake.  Look closely and you can see the Stinger Waffle on the table waiting for consumption.  That is product placement even before I got word that Honey Stinger was on board for 2012.

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