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I can see again.  Pivlocks for racing.  Special orange frames because Its my favorite color.  A whole load full of lenses for every condition or mood.  A few more pairs of shades justs for style purposes.  Sun Valley Utah is home of your USA National Championship and the best eyeball protection around.  SMITH.

My ultra professional, expert level product review would say...

PivLocks are ridiculously light and they never fog up.  They come with 3 lenses in the fancy schmancy case, clear, red, and whatever color you choose.  Plus all Smiths are just plain comfortable.  Ive been training in the same pair of Smiths for 4 years and they still look like new.  Katie Compton just crushed the cyclocross nationals with the orange PivLocks and im pretty sure a scientific test would have shown she couldnt have done that in any other sunglasses.

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