Every set of fancy carbon wheels should come with reflectors.  Its a safety issue really.  I plan on using them all season so that everyone can be sure to see me coming, or at least see me from the side if they have lights shined at me.  Ive never had a set of really nice hubs, well not since I had some Bullseye or TNT bmx hubs.  I first started to realize there might be a difference in hubs when I sold a set of Bontrager XXXL wheels awhile back and the guy emailed me that the hubs were in bad shape.  I informed him that they had been ridden less than a dozen times, which was true, and he should take them to a bike shop and see what needed to be done.  The Trek store informed him that the hubs were in excellent shape and that is how those hubs roll.  DTSwiss 240s are like butter.  They are lightyears better than anything I had been using.  I always just went with the lightest choice and now I see why people spend money on the good stuff like DT Swiss or Chris King.  Plus DT Swiss hubs are easily converted to whatever rear hub standard your bike may have.  On another hub related note... Chris King has a ringer for your iphone.

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