I need a seperate calender just to keep track of registration dates for races.  Its getting pretty crazy.  I just registered for the BTepic and its 11 months away.  Hope Im not busy on that weekend a year from now.  Leadville, Whiskey50, Ouachita, Syllamos, Chequamegon, Iceman, Dakota Five-0, BT Epic, Translyvania Epic....if you miss the registration you are out of luck as they fill up fast.  One of the trickier ones will be racing in Mena, AR and making a pit stop to get online to register for the Dakota Five-0 before it fills up.  There is a reason these races have early registration and they fill up fast.  They are fun.  They are great races that combine great trails, a great atmosphere, good fields, and a little after race enjoyment.  The ProXct series can learn something from events like these.  I havent come up with a race schedule for next year yet, but I guess the list above is a pretty solid year of bike racing.  It looks a little heavy on the epicness and a little light on the xcness so some adjustments will need to be made.  Sea Otter just dropped the UCI and changed back to the big loop xc course which is a ton better and then there is Sun Valley for the USA nats which I would like to give the Super D another shot and also Bend for the Marathon Nats....hopefully there will be a local series to add to that as well...

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