Topeka Tinman 2011

The Topeka Tinman was contested yet again Saturday.  This year we had a crew of 3 lining up in their respective classes.  All three had taken a somewhat leasurely approach to training.  Ben led the way by doing absolutely no training and deciding to enter the race two days before it started.  Shannon decided that training was somewhat optional, and sleeping the night before was really not necessary at all as she was headed out to a concert after I was already asleep.  Katie has been having the problem of work getting in the way of her training and she has been hesitant to go on training rides while in mainland China and such places.

 Ben decided to take a little break midway through the swim.  Rumor was he was looking to get the phone numbers of lifeguards, but this guy wasnt really what he was thinking.

Shannon suprised herself on the swim and survived.  This led to a good bike and then she headed out for the run.  Who needs more than 3 hours of sleep the night before an event anyways.

Here Ben is happily on dry land and finishing up his bike leg.

Katie hammering in from the bike.  She has been on a month long taper/recovery block, and the freshness showed as...

She found her way to the podium!!!!  4th place!!!

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