Rhetts Run

About the only place that will let us race in the mud is Cosmo Park in Columbia.  For two years this has been the case, and it sure is fun.  The race started out pretty leasurely as a large group cruised through the woods getting used to the slippery mud and rocks.  Riding in a big group is much more fun than riding by yourself for a few hours.   By the second lap Dan Miller and myself were off the front a bit.  Garret almost caught on, so I picked up the pace and next thing I knew I had a few minute lead.  Thanks to Schottler for the time splits, pictures, and encouragement.  From there I just made sure to keep it upright.  I wonder what that course is like when its dry...the trail doesnt seem to get that messed up even though it rained most of the race.

On another note...the series should start doing an elite class or only pay out $$ to only one of the classes and anyone who wants to win cash should have to race that class, or just keep track of the overall result and pay off that.  Much like the other series in Nebraska or Wisconsin do.  I figure I lost about $45 bucks to do this race with the cost of a tank of gas and the entry fee even though I won the overall and it was only 2.5 hours from home.  Most of us are already racing for the overall and dont worry whos in our age bracket.  Now ive got to put on a new chain and brakepads, sunken cost.

Edit:::  I didnt mean to complain about the money I did win.  I could have carpooled, or not driven a pickemup truck to the race.  Yes I understand its nice that a whole bunch of different people get a chance to win some cash the way it is.  Im not sure exactly how psycowpath does their payouts, but at the last race the guy who got 6th overall won his entry plus 10 bucks.  I took the part about G-wiz out becuase it didnt read right.  It was supposed to read that he is already racing for the overall because he has nobody in his class to race otherwise.


  1. I know, where are all those expert 20 year olds!? Don't worry Garret, I'm ready to return to action. Not that I will be of any threat to you or the overall. :)

  2. I agree with the payout, it should be for overall in the elite field, not age groups. I often get screwed with so few in my field even though taking the overall win.