Krug Park XC.  Results are up.  Im not exactly sure what happened but one might say that something went very wrong 3/4 of the way through the first lap.  Felt just fine and dandy except for the terrible tires that had me sliding all over the place.   Eventually slid off course and Garret took to the front which was much better for my no traction turning abilities and then there was a U turn not far from the lap finish and that was it.  Suddenly I felt like id just ridden 24 hours solo.  I watched Garret quickly ride into the sunset on his superbike and waited a few seconds so Travis could catch me and do the same.  Was pretty much reduced to soft pedaling for another 1.5 hours just so i could finish.  It might be noted that there was definitely some walking up the climbs at a few points.   Krug is one of my favorite tracks, but not Saturday.  I think I saw something about taking almost an hour to finish my last lap.  Ouch.  5 hours on the 29er on Sunday went easier than that mess.


  1. Hey, I have a trophy and an envelope with $4 in change in it for you. Maybe I can give it to JonPaul this week and he can tote it to KC for you. Later, Randy Tracy

  2. $4 bucks in change?? Sounds like a good way to go wash your car. My treat. Thanks though.

  3. Pretty sure Randy meant $40 and a trophy
    Maybe not such a great day for you but we really appreciated you coming up for the race... Hopefully again next year
    Craig Hoppe