Mountains of Mayhem, errr.

I found this online last week. Almost made me drive to Lawton.

It used to be that the 12 miles of Hell in Lawton, OK was the first big race in the midwest.  The year I did it, there were over 700 starters and the likes of Steve Tilford, Will Black, and Cameron Chambers were there. 
The course starts up a long climb and I remember thinking I was going pretty well in 3rd when some crazy guy on a singlespeed comes sprinting by like im standing still.  This would go on most of the race and Id finish 4th and be very happy about it.  Then it became the Hills of Hell and the field shrunk dramatically and the caliber of riders decreased. Last year I understand the race was terrible.  This year it was called the Mountains of Mayhem.  For a brief minute I thought about driving the 5 hours south for it as the weather was supposed to be nice.  Letra, where the race is held is a pretty cool place for a bike race.  Its pretty trecherous terrain and the course uses a lot of tank trails where the army practices blowing things up.  As it turns out, the race might have been a little better than last year, but whenever there are "three or four" places where riders got off course because it wasnt well marked means it still needs a little work.  Oh well, its too early to be racing anyways.

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  1. comment from Karl from Kansas:
    I'm so disappointed about this event. I too used to ride this race each year, but the name has changed and participation has dropped.

    I can't understand why Fort Sill doesn't do more to pimp this race. The area is perfect for mountain biking. It could be a big win for the city of Lawton and Fort Sill (at least for LETRA).

    I'd like to see a dedicated web site for this event - complete with up to date rider info, sponsors, weather, pics and video, course map, etc. etc... until then, i'll just be here in Kansas wondering what the race will be called this year, how many have signed up, what the weather is going to be like.....