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Magazines in general seem to be going out of business.  Internet is killing them.  I used to get a bunch of magazines in the mail every month but I dont any more.  I have been getting Bicycling Magazine for the past 6 months for free, with every issue saying its my last one.  Today was the buyers guide.  I skimmed through it in about 10 minutes.  They employ a bunch of writers that dont know anything about bikes.  Their mtb part of the buyer guide was a joke.  They had like 12 bikes in there.  Only 29ers.  I spent more time reading a old BMX Action from 1990 the other day.  Borders down the street from our house is going out of business so we stopped in a used a gift card I had.  I ended up getting a few magazines.  ProCycling and RockyMtnNews.  I only wanted the ProCycling to read about Jan Ulrich.  RockyMtn news for an article on Dakota Five-0.  Spent 10 bucks for really two articles.

When we were at the Tour a few years ago were hanging out by a hotel when Jan, Vino, and Kloden came out.  TV had always talked about how big Jan was and how he pushed huge gears.  It was funny to see how small he was in person.  If I had seen him and not know who it was, I would have just thought he was some skinny little guy.  I always liked him because he got 2nd like 5 times at the Tour.  He is one of those guys that had his greatest success at the beginning of his career and then spent the remainder trying to live up to that.

I got registered for Iceman today.  Its the biggest xc race in the nation.  3700 people registered in a few minutes, sort of.  Their registration site crashed in the first minute.  Two hours later it was back up and wasnt really working right still.  I almost decided it wasnt worth my time and I emailed the promoter.  I think his quote was something like, "nobody has gotten registered yet, what a cluster."  The same thing happened to them last year, so I would think its time to find a new registration company.  Iceman is in October, that is a long ways off.

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  1. You forgot about the best magazine....Adventure Monkey! Check it out if you haven't already.