tuneup needed.

Luckily it started pouring which helped with bike cleaning.

Rhetts Run is done. I almost didnt race, but decided I had driven that far, I might as well. It was complete mud fest. rained most of the race. it was a blast. At the start Davey Breslin took the lead and I followed, thinking we were going awfully fast on the slick mud. He went around a corner and next thing I know he is basically spun around looking straight at me. I take to the lead, but havent ridden the trail and dont know anything about it. I get to the top of a climb and there are no arrows to tell which way to go, Breslin gets close and sees me standing and points the way. A little later Im getting frustrated with the long mud bog and thinking its not worth it when Schottler goes cruising by. i jump on his wheel and we ride together for awhile. he leads, goes off the trail, I lead, then go off the trail. Eventually he gets a gap and gets away by a few seconds which is nice because we arent screwing each other up. Halfway through the second lap I pass him on the side of the trail trying to get stans to seal back up his tire. Its muddy so I decide to just continue on at my current pace until he catches back up... he never does and the current pace was enough to win by a few minutes.

Brakes are toast. Chain is looking rough. Gripshifters in complete mud are a bit of a challenge. Ive still got mud in my eyes.

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  1. I bet it was all due to the enormous tread pattern. Massive tires; one. Mud fest; nill.