New Twin Six shipment arrived today!!! 2010 Team edition kit that is pretty sweet. See the new jacket above. I dont think I would have had the motivation to go out and do intervals in the rain if it wasnt for the new gear. Cant say thanks enough. I think it is time to get rid of a bunch of the old stuff to make room for all the new.

Floyd....I just read his book a month ago or so. Guess that entire thing was one big lie. Sweet. Not sure why he is dragging all these other cyclists into his mess. If by some chance he is actually telling the truth, it would be nice if he had some evidence. He is making an awful lot of accusations, Hincapie, Leipheimer, Zabriski, Armstrong, basically all the best American cyclists. If all he wanted was to come clean, then he wouldnt need to bring up all these other guys. Armstrong's name is always in these doping stories, but its the first time ive heard anything about any of the others. My favorite part of Floyds story is that he says that although he did every drug he could find during his career, he raced completely clean in the Tour de France that he thinks he won. Hope he has a backup plan to bike racing, because I would say that his career just ended.

Heartland Park Topeka for NHRA drag racing this weekend. No performance enhancing drugs out there.

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