Floyd's Book

Ive been reading Floyd's book, Positively False. Whatever you think of him, its a good read. Plus its only 2 bucks on amazon. Racing seems to be starting up this weekend. I almost hopped in the car for the drive to Oklahoma, but was able to resist. The plan all along has been to start racing at Sea Otter so Ive not been training quite as much as this point last year. The hopes are that rather than peaking in June and being completely exhausted in July, I can peak in July and then recover during August. So... Had a big week of riding last week and now there is perfect weather for a couple of 4+ hr rides this weekend.


  1. Great Idea...Peak in July. I will take August.

  2. Nice ride last weekend, you could have changed 3-4 flats and still won. Guess you didnt need the other 29 gears afterall. I think i lucked out by staying home.