2010 Race List

2010 MTB Racing Schedule. Its still going to need a little tweaking to cut down on some of the driving and travel.

3/7 12 Miles of Hell???
3/28 Ouachita Challenge, AR
4/17 Sea Otter, CA
5/1 Lake Wilson XC, GB KS
5/8 St. Joe XC, MO
5/16 Rhetts Run, MO
5/29 ProXCT Mellow Johnny, TX
6/5 ProXCT BumpNGrind, AL
6/20 Cramp Alexander, Emporia
6/26 ProXCT Suburu Cup, WI
7/4 USA Marathon Nat. Champ., CO
7/10 ProXCT Col. Springs, CO
7/17 USA Nat. Championship, CO
8/14 RIM, MO
9/5 Dakota FiveO, SD
9/18 KC Cup
10/24 Berryman Epic, MO
11/6 Iceman Cometh, MI

There are few more races such as Leadville 100 and Chequamegon which are on the bucket list, but Ive gotta get into them first. Both of these definitely leave something to be desired as far as quality of trails go so Im leaning towards going to Spearfish S.D. for the Dakota Five0 instead.


  1. Hey man, congrats on joining the High Gear family. You won't find a better group of people. Hopefully I'll get to see you around at some point. Too bad you won't be coming up to Windham this year. But, if you find an excuse to come up this way let me know!

  2. Id like to come to Windham, but 30 UCI points will be hard to find.

  3. Is that all you need? I have faith in you!