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Updates have been lacking a little, but its just cyclocross. Been racing quite a bit and then hitting Bill Snyder Family Stadium every weekend. Tailgating all day doesnt seem to be the perfect preperation for the next days race. Since the last update I believe there have been 3 cross races....finished 5th, 6th, & 9th. Oddly enough I felt my best for the 9th. Just didnt race very smart and got way behind. Next weekend will probably be the last weekend of racing for 2009 before the real off season begins. Im pretty excited but cross has been more fun this year than the last few.

Ive got 6 bikes in the garage. (not counting kates). Of the 6 only two are currently in somewhat running condition. They are both rideable because I have stolen parts off other bikes to make them work. My new cross bike is rideable, though it stole pedals off my 29er and has a borrowed wheel from the old cross bike. The 29er is working as well, though it had to borrow pedals and a cassette from the 26er, a rotor from the full suspension, and a seat and post from the old cross bike. The old cross bike is barely there, as its missing pedals, wheel, seat/post, and a stem. The 26er is in pieces as well, its missing a cassette, rear wheel, and brake rotor. The full suspension currently has all its original pieces put back on it so it can be sold, but has road tires and no pedals. Lastly, the road bike has a flat. Good thing the off season is coming, so I can get some bike maintence done and get some stuff figured out for the 2010 bikes.

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