Smithville Cross

Drove North of KC Sunday for some cross racing. Smithville CX. They put together a nice course that had a bunch of cool stuff. Sand, water, long climb, steep run-up/ride-up, asphalt, etc... The money tree was my personal highlight as I made it away with an extra 4 bucks. The race started off pretty fast as usual and after a lap I found myself in 4 place. I was passed by Studnicki, Cameron (on his fixy), and Andrew Coe. I was able to get back by Cam and Andrew and followed Studnicki around for a few laps until he ran out of gas thankfully. About that time we started closing fast on Shad Smith who was having some sort of troubles. I got pretty close to catching him and then he was gone again. So I cruised around for another couple of laps to finish. 4th place. After taking a few weeks completely off, then a couple of weeks with no real "training," it was good to see after one week of real bike riding that I felt much better. Maybe it was the new bike.


  1. very fun race. Shadd hit his head on the ground pretty hard, bike change, then crashed again. I thought I had you, then you came back from the dead or something and just left me:-)

  2. Have fun in Italy by the way. Let me know if you ever want to tag along on one of our trips.