Big day today for the Topeka Tinman. Morgan made the drive up on Friday from Dallas to join Katie and Shannon for some swimming, biking, and running fun. It was great to just be in charge of driving to the race, taking pictures, and cheering. After arriving it became apparent that there were a lot of friends in town to do the race, along with a lot of family to cheer them on. It made for a great day of racing excitement. All three of our Triathletes set personal records this year so there will need to be some serious training to up the performances next year. After the racing action concluded we all headed to my parents for a big lunch and then the rains started. I waited them out for a bit and then got on my own bike to pedal back to Lawrence. I got pretty wet. After going downtown to Zen Zero for dinner with Morg, the day has finally come to an end.

Finishing up the Tinman...Full interviews coming soon.

Tyler Darnall was there with little Alex to cheer him on, though the Tinman distance is just to short for this Ironman.

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  1. I wish I had the dedication these super athletes have. As a "super" couch potato, they really give me the encouragement I need to be the best at what I do. We can't all be triathletes. So I just do what I can.