Tinman Interviews.

Following is an interview with our local Triathletes from Saturday's Tinman...

Tinman Magazine: So how are you feeling before this Tinman, has the training been going well?

Katie: Im feeling good, ive been training at altitude in "the Springs" so I should be able to really
Shannon: I could feel a little better, I did swim two laps and did some cannonballs at my parents
pool a few weeks ago, so the swim should be a breeze.
Morgan: Yeah, I was swim team captain in H.S. so I should have a front row start, and then Ive
been putting the hammer down on Adam in the Richardson Bike Mart group rides so
Im just hoping I dont get busted for doping controls.

How did the swim go??

Katie: Great!! I was pulling on ankles and throwing bows the whole swim.
Morgan: Okay, someone kept pulling me under by the ankles and trying to knock me out with
their bows. I got a little woozy and swum off course a bit.
Shannon: Well, next year im gonna do four laps in the parents pool and a few less cannonballs
for preperation.

And the bike?

Shannon: I had some guy work on my bike last week, and it worked like a charm. I was big
ringing it the whole time.
Morgan: I ride a Bianchi. So that means im just plain fast.
Katie: This is where I knew I would smash the comp. I dont do those spin classes all winter just
for fun.

The run then??

Katie: It was a nice run. I saw some really nice new buildings that have been constructed lately
by my loving husband around Lake Shawnee, they look like real quality work. It was an
out and back, so I was pretty busy encouraging people on the other side of the road while
I was cruising in for a personal best.

Shannon: I started two minutes before the other girls due to my young age so I was really
sprinting to make sure they didnt catch me.

Morgan: I had a serious cramp right at the start, but then I remembered I was just faking it and
had to actually finis this sucker. I had a great time, Kansans are so much nicer than Texans.

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