Colorado springs

Got here yesterday with kate and shannon. We did a few laps of the xc course and then saw seven falls. My parents got in late last night. Did another xc loop this morn. Because the course is tough. Then drove to top of pikes peak. Saw manitou springs. Then got ready for the short track. With no callup I started near the back but had a pretty good race and almost made it to the 3 laps to go point. Trebon passed me with about 5 to go and somehow rode into the top ten. Amazing. I finished in the twenties after fading a bit at the end. Much better than sea otter s.t. Though. Tomorrow is the xc then some more sight seeing. Got lots of good pics to upload when we get home.

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  1. Hey man,
    Awesome riding of late. If you've never been to cyclingdirt.org you should check it out. I see you from time to time in race videos and multiple times in this most recent one. That must mean you were up front! I was hoping you would help spread the word about a race we are putting on in Emporia. It is on July 19th, I know, that's National Champs for ya. But, I would love it if you would share it with your readers. Race info can be found at crampalexanderrace.blogspot.com.