Its hard to tell from the picture, but that is water running across the road. I ended up riding through it, because I would have had to go pretty far out of the way otherwise. It was deeper than it looked, up to the axles. Powertap still works though.
It has rained pretty much everyday this week. Some how I have managed to ride everyday without really getting rained on too much. I have gotten soaked from wet roads on every ride, but not to much actual rain. There are supposed to be mountain bike races all over the midwest this weekend, one in omaha, one in st. Louis, and Doug Chambers race in Great Bendish. I am planning on not getting muddy and sticking to the roads.


  1. I hear ya on that rain/mud...may try and head up to NE (Platte River MTB race) next weekend if your interested.

  2. You should have made it out to Wilson Lake. Good fun and not muddy!

  3. I know I know. Im just reading the Mountain Bike Mag article about the DK 200 with the High Gear boys pic.