Usgp ouch

We got to louisville Friday afternoon. Official preside was over and after one slow lap they were kicking us off the course and taping it closed.  Saturday I jumped onto the course for half a lap before we were called to staging. Basically no preriding..  I was in the third row but lined up behind shad smith who was behind mark savery.  Couldn't ask for a better spot.  By the end of the asphalt I had followed shad to the front.  I took an inside line up the first grass straight and around the first turn.  Carried way to much speed into the roller and launched over the bars. Ambulance ride to the hospital and I have a broken scapula, a few breaks, actually. It felt like I had broken all my ribs but I guess that's just the shoulder blade.  Lots of pain and I'm on my way to another dr today to find out what to do.  Pretty disappointing as my form was coming around and I was looking for some good results in Louisville and then jingle cross.  Instead, I'm already planning and looking forward to 2013 cx season.  Thanks to my dad, joe and Adam, and the trek guys for taking care of me and my bikes.

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