Colavita Cup

Yes, you can ride the ditch.  Apparently nobody else had this figured out.  I swear it wasnt as quite as easy as the video makes it look.  There is video of it here.

The Colavita Cup happened yesterday in Shawnee, KS.  Im starting to get the hang of the cross stuff now and its pretty fun. I might just become a cross racer and adjust my mtb season accordingly.  No doubt the Cronus CX has something to do with the fact this is the first time ive ever liked cross.  The course was pretty much all uphill, with the downhill sections all offcamber and u-turny so there was really no recovery.  I was feeling pretty good yesterday and was sitting in 3rd right behind Joe Schmalz when he decided to crash.  Andrew Coe got around us as we got untangled.  By the end of the lap Andrew was leading with Joe and myself happily following.  Then I crash in the same corner that Joe had the lap before.  This was enough of a gap that Joe was gone.  I would eventually track down Andrew and was getting within 10-15 seconds of Joe before he realized it and turned on the afterburners with two to go and won by 25 or so seconds.  The Cat 3 race went off at the same time as ours, which made for some more traffic late in the race.  I like this as it gets a little boring riding all by yourself in TT mode for most of the race as seems to happen at these local events. 

Kate and I hit the road as soon as the race was over to get to Manhattan for tailgating before the KSU V. OSU game.  Another nice win, but a late night leaves me thinking a long ride might be in order rather than another day of racing.

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