BCBR Day 3

Day Three of our Canadian adventure starting by waking up bright and early in Campbell River, walking to the community center for a big breakfast and then loading a bus for the drive to the ferry terminal.  This time we took a ferry over to Powell River and unloaded.  We walked a block through downtown and the people were pretty excited to have the BC Bike Race.

Our bikes were ready when we arrived, so we just changed shoes and were on the start line.  This day started on a fire road and immediately headed into the woods.  It was sunny, but had poured all night so the trails were pretty muddy still.

My start went pretty well and I was happy with my position as we started the first little climb.  I moved out of line to make a pass, and had no traction and had to walk the rest of the little hill.  I chased back onto the group and rode a good chunk of the rest of the day with these guys.  On the last Enduro section I got to the front and ended up bridging to an Australian who was battling his hardtail.  After the enduro we entered a section of road and he kindly pulled for most all of it.  I cheated and went past as we entered back into the singletrack and I caught one more guy, he repaid the favor and drafted me all the way to the finish, but I held him off as we crossed the line.
19th on the day dropped me back to 20th overall.  Wash bike, shower, and massage.  Followed by a cheeseburger for a snack.

Our view out the front of the tent.  That is ocean front.

This was camp for the night. 

Full Results are Here.

More pics are Here.

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